Since 2016 PM Papier-Mix has been an official partner of Hansol Paper - who is a world class manufacturer of sublimation papers for nearly two decades.
We guarantee high and above all stable quality of our sublimation papers branded SUBLIMATE.


New Partner:
Kyung-In Synthetic Corporation (KISCO) is the biggest dyestuff manufacturer in Korea. With decades of technical know-how and experience of colorants, KISCO develops and produces inks for digital textile printing to meet increasing market demands. We supply high quality and environmentally friendly products to meet the requirements of customers from around the world.

The Company "Papier-Mix" was established in 1998 and since the beginning of its activity, it has been engaged in selling papers, cardboards and cartons.

After purchase of the machinery, "Papier-Mix" started to produce rolls of the width of 500-2100mm and the weight of 25kg-60kg, used in the clothing industry and in shops. At that time, the company also enhanced the cooperation with the paper factories operating both in Poland and abroad, which significantly extended the range of the products offered by the company.

Papier-Mix specializes in converting and selling sublimation paper, protection paper, cardboards, kraft paper and recycled paper.

Our offer is addressed to the sewing companies, producers of paper tubes, packages, corrugated cardboard and other paper industry companies.