Lux Sublimation Paper G 73 (adhesive)

Best sublimation paper on the market assuring perfect transfer of patterns and colors – used both for standard prints as well as for the most demanding ones. It is coated with special thermo-active layer, which assures good adhesion to flexible materials. The adhesive layer between the paper and the fabric prevents the end result from appearing so called “ghost effect” and may reduce the shrink of fabric during printing. The top quality. It is converted in our factory, therefore we can adjust the roll parameters in terms of width and web length.


The sublimation paper series has been designed to retain ink on the paper surface, thanks to which it is possible to achieve the highest possible color transfer. Paper reduces ink consumption and reduces production costs. Roles should be stored in the original packaging to protect the paper from damage and external conditions. Before use, unpack the roll and leave it for 24 hours in the printing house so that the paper "acclimates". The ideal conditions are 45% relative humidity and 23 ° C indoors. The paper has all FCA certificates.

Boundary values for sublimation paper

1. Do not keep in the sun
2. store below 30
3. room humidity up to 60% (relative humidity)
4. Do not exceed 60kg / ㎠ pressure


Grammage - 73 g/m2
Width-any width - standard 1615 mm
Length - any length